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If you've made it this far, you've been guided by your instinct to discover treasure. The pirates can be proud of you! That's why we want to tell you the whole story of your sweatshirt...

To take care of our seas and oceans, we must first start by creating in a sustainable way. Your Carrick sweatshirt is made of 100% certified organic cotton -yes, really, if you click you will see the official document

Since Carrick, we value the importance of a united crew and, you know, now... you're just another crew member of the #CarrickCrew! What does that mean? That you take the sea with you and look after it, you bet on the small shops and always with a pirate soul, looking for your own routes. Welcome aboard!


More eco, more love by sea

  • What is organic cotton?

    We all know about cotton, but not everyone is the same. Organic cotton is a vegetable fibre grown without the use of chemicals, its fertilizer is made from natural compost and seeds. No GMOs.

  • How does it help?

    Producing garments with organic cotton is caring for the earth. It preserves the richness of its soil and also, the biodiversity.

    In addition it also improves the working conditions of the producers, that is to say, their quality of life.


    Softer and more breathable

    Strong and durable

    Suitable for sensitive skin

    Respectful of the environment

  • Where are they made?

    The Carrick sweatshirts are made by a small factory in Portugal, their embroidery is handmade in the same place. On this boat we believe in synergies, fair collaboration and a united crew that is getting bigger and bigger.

    Made under a fair price, they promote sustainable fashion and the quality of life of the producers. Thus betting on small businesses.

    With them we get resistant, minimalist clothes, which you will always have in your wardrobe to take the sea with you.