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Get to know us

We want a real future for our oceans. A future in which we can continue to collect moments.

Calm. Happiness. Breeze. Long summer days.

If we take care of the sea, it will continue to give us all this and much more.

Our course goes hand in hand with awareness, authenticity, closeness and enjoyment.

All our values come together to ensure that you are always close to the sea, because the sensations it gives us should never leave us.


For us, fashion is the place from which we reach our commitment to the sea and the planet. So, the traditional option was not the answer.

At Carrick we believe in slow fashion.

Inspired by the cycles of the sea, for us conscious fashion is one that respects the time of production, that does not generate unnecessary waste and that its materials are eco-sustainable.


In today's textile industry, production is non-stop, without listening to you. At Carrick we believe in active listening. In personalised workmanship. In creating for you. So that it lasts over time.

On-demand manufacturing ensures that no unnecessary waste is generated and favours complete personalisation. The garment is registered in our system and we personalize it on the spot from our own office with a digital printing machine that uses biodegradable water-based inks. A conscious and long-lasting option.

When you buy a customized product, it becomes completely yours. It doesn't exist before you click the button. It is from you that its journey begins.

Our products go from our hands, to those of our customers. Bathed in the story behind that date, those coordinates, that phrase... whatever you have decided to add to personalize them.

They are unique.


The better we choose, the less impact we have on the planet and consequently on our seas.

We want to help make choosing clothes easy, so you know they won't let you down.

Therefore, sustainable materials such as 100% organic cotton was a must in the production of our garments, as well as biodegradable inks in the printing process.


At Carrick we have always been committed to taking care of the sea. It was in November 2020 when this commitment took its big step and we started to manufacture with upcycled materials, that is, revalued waste.

Our nautical bracelets started to be made with ropes made with plastic collected from the sea. In this way we were able to ensure that the bracelets, as well as not generating waste, were part of an active movement to improve our planet.

As part of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE we found a community in Barcelona with the same concern as us. Free the sea from plastic and reduce our footprint on the planet.


The production of our garments is carried out by small factories in Portugal in which we fully trust for the finishing of the garments.

The personalization through the printing of the designs is done directly from our premises in Pontevedra, your garment does not exist until you finalize your order. Through digital printing with biodegradable water-based inks we get a durable result with washing and do not harm the environment.


Our packaging couldn't be any other way.

Avoiding all the plastics we could have used before, today all the materials that protect and accompany our products are made with recycled paper and free of plastics.

Always with our feet in the sand and the sea in our heads.