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At Carrick we only work with quality products, which is why we have set the course from the very beginning for the use of durable and resistant materials.

The anchor and hooklocks are made of 316L stainless steel. This is a corrosion-resistant product, especially prepared for marine environments.

The ropes used are made of braided polyester and have high performance in terms of strength and durability. They are the ones used in the America's Cup and other competitions.

The suede is of good quality with a soft finish that makes the shape of the bracelet fit perfectly to the wrist. It is advisable not to wet this material as it can lose some colour after use in very damp environments. Unlike the nautical line, these bracelets need more care.

The bracelets are treated with care and attention to detail. From the cutting of the ropes, the making of perfectly executed knots, their assembly, etc. We also do not forget important care as is the Carrick box, simple and yet very good quality that ensures the perfect condition of the bracelet inside.

Finally, we want to offer you an unbeatable treatment. Any complaint, criticism or comment, you can make it arrive through our contact email