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Crab in Silver Hook

29.00 €
Delivery date: 03 February


The crab is an asymmetrically shaped trapezoidal sail, which is extended between the boom and the antennae. The stern edge is usually the longest side and the high luff the shortest. The low luff that runs along the mast and the foot, which is extended into the boom, are usually of similar length.

Each mast that holds your sail.

Product details

Colour: Bottle Green
Details: White-Turquoise-White

Unisex nautical bracelet adjustable to all wrists with sliding knots. Handmade in Spain, with very high quality polyester ropes, abrasion resistant and flexible that fit perfectly. The hook is made of AISI 316 steel, resistant to salt water corrosion.

    Crab in Silver Hook

    29.00 €