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Delta | Hoodie | Unisex | Yellow with embroidery

59.00 €
Delivery date: 06 October 2023-10-06


The delta anchor is a variant of the most used one; this one is more resistant as it is made in one piece and is ideal for the same anchors as the previous one.

We recommend that you check the size guide to find the right size for you. As they are unisex sweatshirts they are looser than the standard ones. The manufacturing process is made-to-order, once you add it to the cart and formalize your order, we will begin production to send it to you.

Zero stock, zero waste.

Product details

Color: Yellow

Nautical fashion that takes care of the sea, made with 100% certified organic cotton.

Designed in Galicia. Made in Portugal.

  • When will I receive my garment?

    At Carrick we work with slow and on-demand fashion cycles, so as not to generate unnecessary waste and stock.

    We accumulate a specific amount of orders to pass to production and in this way we manage to reduce our carbon footprint. That is, the T-shirt you have selected does not exist until you order it, we prepare it especially for you.

    That is why you will receive your garment approximately 5 to 7 working days after placing your order.

Delta | Hoodie | Unisex | Yellow with embroidery

59.00 €