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Galatea in Golden Anchor

29.00 €
Delivery date: 1 of November


The Galatea was a Navy training ship, named after a nymph in 1922 until 1982. With a length of 75 meters, this frigate of 2800 square meters of sail with more than 5000 days of sea, four circumnavigation trips and 16 crossings to Cape Horn, the Navy bought it for 650000 pesetas.

Let us all sing to Galatea where I lived bitterness and illusion, my sailboat that you only stay, we will always remember you with love.

Details of the product

Color: Bottle Green
Details: Red-Yellow-Red

Unisex nautical bracelet adjustable to all wrists with sliding knots. Handmade in Spain, with very high quality polyester ropes, abrasion resistant and flexible that fit perfectly. The anchor is made of AISI 316 steel, resistant to salt water corrosion.

    Galatea in Golden Anchor

    29.00 €